IARC runs under strict automotive quality standards backed-up by ISO TS 16949 and ISO 14001certifications.


Perform all processes and activities through systems of planning, continuous improvement, service, cost and technology, in order to manufacture products of excellent quality and performance at the lowest possible cost, while meeting all safety and legal requirements to guarantee the welfare of workers, customers and end users. 


IARCSA is committed to ensure that all our activities, products and services, from the receipt of materials to the shipment of our final products (rubber, metal-rubber components), are performed to avoid pollution through continuous improvement, regulated by goals and targets mainly aimed to reduce negative environmental impacts, such as generation of atmospheric emissions, wastewater; general waste. Our company works under the premise of legal and other environmental requirements applicable to our organization. 


Manufacture of engine mounts, transmission mounts, shock absorber supports, exhaust hangers, center-bearings, suspension bearings, body supports, suspension stops, metal stampings, rubber compounds and other rubber or metal to rubber products.

Additionally, IARC is equipped with an in-house lab to test, validate and trace back every compound lot.